Look Great with Natural Nail Services From Studio Chavarria 


Getting regular manicures is the best way to take care of your hands.  Nail health should be taken seriously and addressed every two weeks for most individuals.  The technician should be licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts and should be current. 


At Studio Chavarria we use products that are safe and nourishing for the skin during your treatment.  Our soak products, sugar scrub and massage lotion are custom made by our technician.  Natural nail manicures should address the shape of the nail, the cuticle and skin of the hands.  Our treatments are gentle and effective if maintained on a regular basis.  


Regular manicures can lead to improved self esteem.  Looking good means feeling good.  Our hands are often part of conversation and expression.  Having them manicured regularly shows that you care about yourself and your appearance.  In some cases regular manicures can help correct bad habits such as picking and biting.  If your are investing in the health of your nails most are less likely to cause additional damage by continuing those bad habits.  


As women mature changes in health, hormones and other factors can change the way the skin and nails are behaving.  Manicures, when done correctly, can help address many of the issues that arise such as ingrown tendencies, peeling or corrugated nails.  Many of these issues can be managed by our experienced nail technician.  In addition, our nail technician really works to educate the client on the health and benefits of having their manicures on a regular basis.  All instruments are meticulously cleansed between clients.  Tools that cannot be disinfected and sanitized are discarded at the conclusion of each service.  Hospital grade disinfectant is used for all tools that can be disinfected and sanitized.  Manicures should be relaxing and beneficial. Cuticles should be pushed back and only trimmed where there is excess dead skin adhered to the nail plate.  Services are offered Tuesday through Saturday.