A Long Lasting Gel Polish Manicure from Studio Chavarria

(Featuring Shellac, Gelish and OPI Gelcolor)


Let's begin by addressing the confusion behind gel polish.  Shellac is a name brand of gel polish developed by the company CND, Creative Nail Design.  Shellac has become the "word" most of the general public has adopted to describe the service itself.  Almost all nail polish companies now have their own gel polish line available either to only the professional or to the general public.  


Gel polish is applied the same as regular polish but it requires either UV or LED light exposure to set or harden the product.  Shellac or gel polish manicures are considered "dry" manicures as the nail needs to be dry and dehydrated in order for the product to adhere properly to the nail.  The client should never soak in water for this service.  


Our nail technician upgraded to a LED light for the safety of her clients.  Light exposure is minimal in order for the product to cure.  The service includes trimming and shaping of the nail, cuticle care, pH balancing the nail bed, product application and hydration.  Benefits include a stronger bond to the nail insuring the polish will last for at least two weeks and when the service is complete there is no dry time.  Life can resume without having to wait for the polish to dry.  Gel polish needs to be removed by using acetone.  Each finger is wrapped with a cotton ball soaked with acetone under a piece of tin foil and left to soak for about 5-10 minutes.   A metal tool should NEVER be used to remove this product.  The whole beauty of having gel polish as an option is so the natural nail is not damaged from the wear or the removal of the product.


Our nail technician at Studio Chavarria offers gel polishes from Shellac, OPI Gelcolor and Gelish in more than 100 colors.  Nail art is also more easily achieved with the use of gel polishes.  An array of glitters are available for beautiful effects on the nails.  In order to refresh the nail after wearing gel polish for two weeks the product must be removed and reapplied or the client can easily return to their natural nail.  Gel just offers a tremendous amount of flexibility when done correctly.  The gel polish manicure averages around 30-45 minutes to complete and is $40 (including the cost of removal)  Most nail salons charge separately to remove the product but our technician believes this might encourage the client to remove the product by peeling it off which will in turn cause damage to the nail.    Services are available Tuesday through Saturday.