Our Pedicures are Different from other Asheville Pedicures!


Why we use copper bowls for our pedicures:

The health benefits of our hand made copper pedicure bowls are remarkable.  Copper is known to improve immune system health as well as a relief from joint pain associated with arthritis and other ailments. The magnetic fields created by copper both positive and negative help to flow energy through the body. The body absorbs trace amounts of copper into the blood stream, creating Hemoglobin which is necessary for the body to heal and repair. The copper bowls Studio Chavarria are not lacquered so they provide a natural anti-microbial surface. Exposed copper prevents germs and the growth of bacteria. 


What sets us apart from other Asheville pedicures and manicures:

There is exponentially more to having a great nail service than just picking out the perfect color. Heath and sanitation precautions are extremely important in choosing a nail technician.  We are proud of the fact the we do not use jet tubs. Even in a Huffington Post article  they recommend when getting a pedicure to “Never let them turn on the bubbles while soaking your feet because the jets of whirlpool tubs harbor bacteria and fungus such as warts, athletes foot and so much more. this can cause bacterial infections.”  We avoid this completely. Studio Chavarria’s nail technician follows all sanitation procedures with medical precision and you can rest assured that your heath is our concern. Heather has spent years learning every precaution to take to sanitize and create a healthy relaxing atmosphere and environment where choosing your favorite shade of OPI polish is the only concern to have.  


Our Soaks, Scrubs, and Bath Fizz: 

Our nail technician has personally developed all of the soaks, scrubs and bath fizz that we use for our manicure and pedicure services. She has cultivated a signature blend of organic sugars, essential oils, white and green teas, citrus and more to create the most effective and pleasing experience. In addition she offers carefully selected essentials to address specific client needs and preferences.