-Sandstone Blonde-

A beautiful blend of beige and taupe-like hues.


-Honey Butter Blonde-

A light golden blonde with warm undertones and strategic platinum placement. For a multi-faceted look, use a honey hue as your base or root and softly weave strands of golden and white blonde

-Strawberries & Champagne-

What better way to ring in 2016 than with a hair color inspired by New Year’s favorite sparkly sweet drink? Strawberries & Champagne is a dazzling blend of both champagne and strawberry blonde. A great hair color option for blondes who want to dabble in some reddish-gold tones without an overall commitment to “red hair.”

-Amber Sunrise-

And for those clients who are ready to go on full-on copper blonde, bask in the ambience of Amber Sunrise. Soft and reflective, this color is characterized by it’s golden copper tones.

-Crystal Ash-

A clean, light blonde with a natural ash base.

-Tiger Eye-

hair color with handpainted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base.


A precious gemstone, Topaz can come in a variety of colors. From golden brown to reddish-copper, this color is known for it’s multi-dimensional reflects. mocha brown base and delicately weave copper fine accents through the mids and ends.

-Caramel Bronde-

A balanced blend of blonde and brown.


A striking combination of red and bronze tones “Ronde” is another color name mashup that’s bound to get many requests in 2016. This deep copper and warm brown hair color is best suited for warm to golden skin tones

-Purple Dahlia-

Dahlia flowers grow in a vivid array of shapes and colors. From pre-dominantly red or fuchsia hues

-Antique Rose-

a mixture of soft copper and pink tones.


A bluish-lavender color that can be interpreted to be more powder blue or lavender.

-Rose Quartz-

A soft, muted powder pink.